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    3DWorks offers a wide range of mobile 3D measurement equipment for various measuring solutions.


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    3DWorks provides companies throughout the world with industry leading 3D scanning and 3D measurement services.


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3DWorks, Fixturlaser and Rentallaser will operate under one name as from 1 January 2017: Medir International BV. ‘Medir’ is the Spanish word for ‘measure’. And that’s exactly what we are busy with, day in, day out: measure reliably and accurately!.

We are also able to measure, align and inspect parts and components before, during and after installation, using 3D metrology services by means of our Laser Tracker and Total Station.

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Why 3DWorks?

High-end equipment

By using high end equipment, 3DWorks can deliver you scandata with the highest accuracy available.

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With our high level of service, you are always only one call away from your 3D measurement needs.


3D measurements can be used in a wide variety of situations. From piping in an engine room, to checking wear on a propeller.


Because of the availability of a broad range of hard- and software, 3DWorks is prepared for every measurement job.


SMM2016 3DWorks at SMM 2016
Ballastwater Indonesia and Morocco sign BWM convention
SteinbichlerZeis Steinbichler becomes Carl Zeiss


Instead of going out in the field to measure every detail by hand, we now use 3D scans provided by 3DWorks. Our work preparation time has been cut in half.

We had been struggling with inexplicable vibrations for weeks. A scan of the propeller offered the solution within a day.


3D laser scanning is one of the most promising new technologies for solving the complex challenges inherent to the fields of shipbuilding, marine engineering and naval architecture.

Ship designs involve complex geometric shapes. Many hulls have dented and misshaped portions which are difficult to measure and model by conventional means. 3D scanning is able to capture and measure each shape and each detail.