Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) retrofit 3D scan

The Challenges

To be able to determine the most suitable position of new BWTS equipment and piping on board a container vessel, 3DWorks performed a 3D scan of several involved areas on board.

Lately 3DWorks performed numerous successful BWTS 3D scans on board various ship types, but in this case we were facing a special challenge due to the limited space available on board to fit new equipment. As not all parts could be fitted in the engine room itself, also the deck above and the neighbouring cargo hold had to be captured by 3D scanning.

Due to our first class Surphaser long range scanner, which is delivering very precise and accurate 3D scans, we were able to create one combined pointcloud of the two floor engine room, the deck above and the cargo hold. In this way the design engineers are not only able to determine the best position of new equipment and the routing of the new piping but they are also able to define the most suitable position of connections through the deck and walls.

Next to the delivery of the combined, registered and aligned pointcloud in full colour, 3DWorks also delivered a Solid CAD model of the tie-in point, so the new piping can be prefabricated in such a way that it fits directly to the existing pipework.

Project Description